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Barry Charles at Lukes Kitchen Kuoutunu

One of several gigs that Barry did in New Zealand, this and a local house concert were the standouts!

Great music in the early evening in stunning surroundings with great food, atmosphere and staff – what more can we (or the musician) ask for. Magic interaction and connection with audience and artist. Plus a didgeridoo and bongo jam with Rob Reilly, well known local musician.

Barry’s extreme vocal interpretations of loads of his originals and covers from Curtis Mayfield, The Stones, Keb Mo, Tom Waits and many more kept the large audience spell bound, enthralled and of course wanting more.

Thanks for a great evening Luke and staff, and Barry. Excellent venue, music and pizzas!!!

Kokomo at Tauranga Jazz Festival 2012 review

Glad to be performing again after a couple of disjointed years, this famous local band delivered a good mix of new songs from their latest CD, and classic Kokomo crowd pleasers like Plastic Jesus.  As always great musical skills and tight arrangements from Derek, Mike, Nigel, Phil, Sonya and Grant. Great to see you again Kokomo and the new album went home with us – well worth the twenty bucks!.

Hammond Gamble Auckland April 2011 review

Opening for BB King along with Ruthie Foster, Hammond gave a great performance by the
“local boy”.  One of NZ’s stayers in the music scene, often overlooked as “just another local act” Hammond is well worth seeing and is extremely talented, both as a musician but also a songwriter with great depth and skills in his originals. A short set was all he got and sadly there wasn’t time for the encores the audience wanted.  He made fans out of many who hadn’t seen him before and were very unexpectedly surprised.

BB King Auckland April 2011 review

I have waited 40 years to finally see ole BB again after first seeing him in Golden Gate Park an Francisco in 1973. I guess I maybe didn’t appreciate the fact that being 84 years old and having just done 4 days at the Byron Bay Blues festival must take something out of you.  Sadly, for me, while he is one of those iconic musicians, the mojo was no longer there.  There were small sparks of it but far too long talking about family and other things (about 40 minutes to start with!) OK for a doco, but we were there to see “BB do the Blues”!  I am glad I went, it was in my bucket list, but for me, the warmup acts (Hammond Gamble and Ruthie Foster) were the definite highlights of the evening.

Maybe the mojo isn’t quite there anymore, and I won’t go again, but thanks BB for what you have done and given us in the past. It has been a great ride for the King!  I enjoyed your bio too – a good read.