Max Maxwell Summersing 2013

What better way than to spend a weekend indulging ones’ passion – that’s what around 45 enthusiastic music lovers recently did at Max Maxwell’s Sing for Joy 2013 Summersing at Sharda Retreat in Tuakau.

Max put huge effort in to organising and making this a great event, assisted by guest tutor/facilitators. Brendan Taafe (USA) and Jimmy Dale (NZ).

Max and Brendan held singing sessions and also Marimba and Mbira sessions. Brendan’s singing sessions were drawn from genres including bluegrass, Appalachian, Zimbabwean and his own compositions,

Jimmy, Auckland based master African drumming and dance leader, brought African drumming and energetic dance in to the mix.

All combined to take attendees to a good level of accomplishment in a short time, often from scratch.

Though the  acappella singing sessions which crossed from US Deep South, to African and influences from around the world, and the instrumental sessions, many attending achieved much more than they though possible. 4 part harmony can be spine chillingly beautiful as proven over the weekend. Put that with African drumming and dance and there is a whole new dimension again.

Well done Max for another great energising and fun Summersing weekend.

Attendance at any of Max’s singing or Ukelele workshops is highly recommended.