The Nukes at Eggsentric Café Flaxmill Bay Coromandel January 2012

A great night with the Nukes although sadly only one set as preceded by Bosco and Honey.

We hadn’t heard The Nukes for a while but were pleasantly surprised that almost all their music was new to us, proving what hard working and talented musicians these guys are! They are also unique in that they only ever play originals.

Innovative, original, exiting, and humorous. Dave, Dave (Snapper) and Ben are extremely talented musicians, both vocally and instrumentally and great story tellers and improvisers. Great lyrics and arrangements. brilliant harmonies. The combination of Uke, Banjolelle and Uke with low bass string gives great diversity not normally associated with the jumping flee (uke)!

Huge variety of tempos and subject matter and styles to keep an audience transfixed – from Country to Jazz scatting to as yet unnamed genres, combined with excellent audience rapport and connection!  Great focus on NZ themes as well.

Songs such as Opoutere, the highly innovative and entertaining Worms (about a worm farm), Lament, Cape Reinga, Ukulele Shakedown, Facebook Wall (about love lost on Facebook) and many more provided a great evening.

Great work lads – keep it up! To keep an audience transfixed with only originals takes some real talent. Come back real soon y’all!

Move over the GB and Wellington Ukulele Orchestras!